I want to inform you about one of the most amazing health care practitioners in our Valley. Tracey Simerson is a registered dental hygienist who is well-known in the Bow Valley. Many o f you may already know about Tracey or have seen her tasteful ads in the Outlook. She just opened up her own hygiene clinic in Canmore (on Bow Valley Trail) – the location is roomy, bright, professional, and holds the latest in dental technology. Tracey is incredibly talented and approaches dental hygiene much more effectively than “the masses”. She performs deep root cleaning (it feels good, really) and gets to the core of gum, dental, and systemic health issues. Prevention, prevention, prevention – we need it as we age.

Tracey also performs multiple other services including: teeth whitening, sensitive teeth treatments, safer X-rays, and more. Just ask her. Tracey will communicate with your dental professional as needed. The dental professionals are not opposed to your having your hygiene done elsewhere. It’s your freedom to go where you get the most effective care.

I guarantee you, you will notice a vast difference in Tracey’s work over what you’re getting now. In addition, Tracey will educate you on dental–related issues that you’ve always wanted to know about. (She has solved multiple issues for me that three dental professional missed or neglected to tell me). Let’s support an incredibly talented individual in our own Valley and help ensure her success on her own. Your teeth and mouth will thank you for it.

Dr. Kirsten Froese-Loewen

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