Dental hygienist, Tracey Simerson coined the phrase "Bio-Dental Hygiene". It refers to dental hygiene practiced with a more holistic approach, rather than traditional dental hygiene treatments. Your treatment is based on a more bio-friendly approach with your overall health in mind. Holistic health takes into consideration "whole body systems" working together for optimal health. Tracey offers supportive care to your current whole health therapies being managed by other health care providers.

Knowing that dental hygiene is therapeutic care that is part of over all well being, at Wildrose Dental Hygiene Centre we are dedicated to enhancing your health with personalized care and recommendations. This may include referrals to dieticians, homeopaths, naturopaths, massage therapists, physio therapists, or functional medicine doctors to achieve optimal health. We are about achieving results. So evaluating your condition and state of oral health is imperative to the direction we take in treatments and referrals. The quest for health includes key components to lifestyle changes including dental hygiene care.

The choice of products used for your treatments and your home care will reflect a more natural path to achieving great oral health. We can refer you to a biological dental professional for alternative dental care, as well. We support your pursuit for optimal oral health and will work closely with your health and wellness team to achieve overall health.

Please note: Tracey is conscientious not to practice outside of the scope of practice of a registered dental hygienist in Alberta. If it is determined at any time a referral to a specialist is required to further help you, she will recommend one to you. Your health is your responsibility and your health care team members are your choice.

Organizations such as the International Association of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, External link opens in new tab or , will help answer your questions concerning alternative health care practices in dentistry.

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